Mother Nature’s Balancing Act

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Hello again everyone and thanks for dropping in!

Okay, let’s start with a little chat about ions. Yup, ions! Sounds a little boring but hang in there.

According to the Merriam-Webster short definition an Ion is:
“an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or negative electric charge”

Anything floating in the air in your home, your office, or outside, is doing so because it is ‘positively charged’. This includes everything from dust and pollen, to viruses, bacteria and germs. Even odours such as food and cooking smells, household pets, mould and mildew, all remain smelly because they are ‘positively charged’. These toxins become positively charged by static electricity and once inhaled, can cause health problems.

Now that we have the unfriendly positive ion out of the way, let’s talk about all the goodness in the negative ions.

Ever notice how much better you feel during and/or shortly after a walk by the ocean or in the woods just after a fresh rain or how the air feels just after a passing thunderstorm.
Well, Mother Nature is at the helm of these natural phenomena by pumping negative ions into the air.

How this works is somewhat magical only because we can’t see the action at work. It is well accepted in the scientific community that negative ions bind with the positive ions; Thus creating complete molecules which have a heavier weight mass.

So the long and short of it is, once the positively charged toxins in the air has a negative ion attached to it, it all becomes heavier than air and falls to the ground!

One of the many benefits of burning pure beeswax candles is that pure beeswax candles are Negative Ion Emitters. Many in the know (including us) will burn beeswax candles for an hour or so before that dreaded vacuuming day…. But Presto! Clean air and clean floors too!

Until then,

Bee kind to each other 🙂


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