100% Pure Prince Edward Island BEESWAX CANDLES

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A Big Hello to all our subscribers from all of us here at From the Hive!

Hopefully you’re all safe as can bee, while leaning on a little extra courage to help us back to the many beautiful things our planet has to offer.

We’ve decided to run a ‘Mini Series’ of sorts, in the next few weekly newsletters, on the many benefits of burning 100% Pure beeswax while sharing the powerful properties of Pure Beeswax itself.

Giving credit where credit is due, let’s start with the highly respected honey bee.

Within a complex arrangement inside the abdomen of a worker bee, lays the wax glands.

To kick start wax production in the worker bee, she first has to take on a good feed of honey. Once full, her wax glands then become specialized body parts in motion that produce small white flakes of wax. After secreting these white flakes of wax from her belly, our hard working ladies then chew the hardened flakes to shape and build honeycomb.

It is estimated that worker bees will consume 5-8 pounds of honey to produce 1 pound of wax.

No wonder that behind every successful Drone proudly stands his Queen!

Hopefully we can reconnect through next weeks with From the Hive newsletters as we dive into the many benefits of burning 100% Pure Beeswax. Suffice it to say, not all candles are created equal!

Until then,

Bee kind to each other 🙂





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