OH No! Not Those Bloom’n Candles Again!

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On occasion, customers have asked “is there something wrong with your beeswax candles?”And continue with“Well, some of your candles seem to have a whitish film on the outside!”

Ahh,  nice observation! Rest assured this is a good thing. What you see is something called bloom and like all good things, let’s have a little fun talking about just that!

Bloom is a direct result of the natural tannins found in pure beeswax that finds its way to the candles’ surface. This visual appearance can only be made possible if the candle is actually ‘100% pure beeswax’. Bloom is further accelerated by fluctuating temperatures (more so with cooler temps).

Those who actively shop for pure beeswax candles are rewarded for their efforts when they come across a ‘Bloom’n candle’. For those who insist on a pure beeswax candle but would rather enjoy the appearance of that ‘golden yellow shiny sheen look’, don’t worry; Lightly running a hair dryer on low setting up and down the candle, will remove the ‘bloom’ and give you that golden yellow shiny sheen look. You can even lightly rub your candle with a woman’s nylon or soft cloth to achieve the same results.

Serious naturalists will use the palms of their hands or fingertips to remove the bloom (of which is packed with natural oils) and apply under their eyes or temples.

A little something to remember: If your 100% pure beeswax candle does not ‘Bloom’ that means it is not 100% pure beeswax and is most probably blended with paraffin or soy. Yuck!

So, the next time you’re on the hunt for a 100% pure beeswax candle, embrace your find with Mother nature’s seal of authenticity.

Until then,

Bee kind to each other 🙂


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