Are those ascending ‘tiny bubbles’ real or is the soap not really soap?

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A big hello from all of us here at From the Hive and welcome back!

Having recently concluded a little mini series about Pure Beeswax Candles, we’re pretty excited to begin a little mini series about Candle’s bubbly cousin, Soap.

Soap! Oh my… lots to unpack here! It’s probably safe to say, not all soap is of the same creation. There are so many kinds of ingredients available to create soap and not to mention a number of methods chosen by skilled soap makers to arrive at their own finished creation. Throughout this little Soap mini series, we endeavour to share with you how we, here at From the Hive, choose our ingredients and why, and the methods in which we choose to create soap.

We hope to see you back next week as we breakdown our own methodology in soap making, while opening a window into our acquired knowledge and home grown passion gently placed into every one of our hand cut bars.

With reference to ‘Tiny Bubbles’ above, we’d like to close out your read today by mentioning something we believe worthy of noting. If you cannot find the word Soap anywhere on the products packaging, then it’s simply not soap! It is a detergent bar which is derived from chemicals, yuck! Nothing more disappointing fake tiny bubbles!

Until then,
Bee kind to each other 🙂


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